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Meigs Middle Magnet School


Meigs Memos

 Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Weekly Publication of Meigs Middle Magnet School


From Jon Hubble, Principal…   We’ve had a terrific first few days!!


As we move along during the next couple of weeks, you will notice that traffic gets better both in the morning and afternoon.  Carpools will be formed, bus routes will be figured out and everyone learns the routine that students move when cars are not moving.    Please do not ask your child to cross streets unattended.  If you are not going through the car line, you must escort your child from the waiting area to your vehicle.  This is an extremely fair and safe accommodation. 


One of the major frustrations that we are all dealing with is the morning drop-off.  If you are arriving at Meigs prior to 7:30 and planning to wait until our doors open in order to get ahead of the traffic, please pull into a parking spot in the lot near the cafeteria so the lanes are not blocked for our staff members who are trying to arrive to prepare for your child.   We are so hopeful that everyone understands that because of supervision issues, we will not be allowing students to enter the building prior to 7:30.   Our staff gives willingly of extra time in the mornings and afternoons to accommodate the drop-off and pick-up of students and we need to be sure not to take advantage of that!  Thank you so much!


We’re extremely excited about this school year.  The students have arrived with a great attitude and spirit!  The new dress code has added a uniqueness to our school and our students seem to appreciate it. 


Have a great week and we hope to see you on Thursday evening!



Citipass and Smart Card order forms were sent home this week. If you have checked the backpack and don’t see it, please contact Debbie Kammerman for Citipass questions 772-4550 or Beth Anderson for Smart Card information, 646-2199. Both items offer loads of discounts and pay for themselves within just a couple of uses! You may purchase both items during open house at the PTO table in the lobby.


Meigs Mart is the place to get all your Meigs tees, mesh shorts, baseball jerseys, and hoodies.  Meigs Mart will be open for business two times this week; after school on Tuesday and during Open House on Thursday evening August 20th. We have a brand new inventory of Meigs tees, baseball jerseys, mesh shorts, hoodies, and baseball caps. We also have lanyards and bumper stickers. Come buy and check us out! Cash or check.


Communication with Teachers   Realizing that not all of our families have ready access to internet and email, the agenda is an invaluable tool for direct communication with your teachers. Agendas are a required item at Meigs and may be purchased for $6. E-mail is also an easy way to communicate with your teachers; however, please remember that most teachers respond to e-mail requests during their planning time. If there is an urgent need to deliver a message to your child before school is out, the best method is telephoning our school office and we will put a message on the message board. Your child will be called to the office during afternoon announcements to get his or her message.  Teachers will use individual teacher web sites though our school website to give classroom information. They will also post grades online through Gradespeed.  This is the second year we have used this, and you will receive information about Gradespeed shortly. Notes to your teachers will also be welcomed and we will attempt to respond within 24 to 48 hours.


If you have any concerns or important information to share about your child and his/her experiences here at Meigs, we want to hear about them as soon as possible. Please understand, however, that in order to protect instructional time, our teachers will not be able to hold impromptu conferences at the beginning of the school day or during class time.


Absence Policy   When children are absent from school, the absence is automatically considered unexcused unless parents have put the reason in writing.  We ask that children bring excuse notes to the office immediately upon arrival to school.  Parents may also fax excuse notes to 271-3223 or they may e-mail either the principal or the attendance secretary, Ms. Cindy Booker at or  After 3 unexcused absences, a letter is sent advising parents of the possibility of an attendance review board.   If absences become frequent, even with notes, there may be a possibility for physician’s excuses stating the medical reason for repeated absences.


Schedule Changes   All schedule changes must be approved by Mr. Hubble; therefore, requests should be made to him.   Schedule changes for the year will not be considered after September 12.   Most of the time, changes are requested due to some circumstance that can be addressed within the classroom.  Please speak with your child’s teacher if you have concerns in that regard. 


TCAP Reports   Reports from the previous year will be distributed at Open House.  Many incoming fifth grade parents will need to contact their child’s previous school for their reports.


Open House   Open House has been scheduled for 6pm on August 20. All grade levels will meet that evening. We have Open House early as an opportunity for parents to not only meet their child’s teachers but to receive information such as homework and grading policies, as well as internet usage. Unfortunately, teachers will not be able to discuss individual children during this night due to privacy issues but stand ready to meet with parents individually at scheduled conferences.  All 5th/6th grade parents will report to the gym to meet with the related studies teachers prior to going to their child’s classrooms.  7th and 8th grade parents will report to their child’s first period class and then follow their child’s schedule.  (Movement times will be announced!)  Schedules for 7th and 8th grade students will be available that evening.


Vanderbilt programs for talented youth: SAVY, or Saturday Academy at Vanderbilt for the young will be offered in a fall session for the first time for six consecutive Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 11:45 AM beginning September 26th and ending October 31st.  For more information or to download an application visit our website at Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications received by August 28th will qualify for a 10% early bird discount.


Athletic Physicals   Any 7th or 8th grade student wishing to compete on any of our athletic teams (or football at West End) must have a current physical (dated June 1, 2009, or later) on file as well as proof of insurance.


Football Tryouts will be held at West End Middle school Wednesday – Friday, August 19-21st from 4:30 – 6:00 pm.


Student medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc. that are brought to the office for your student MUST be in a brand new unopened bottle.


5th grade (Cook and Dooley) Family Picnic will be held Friday, Aug 28 at Dragon Park.


Jason and the Argonauts: 6th grade, most of 5th grade, and Latin will be attending Jason and the Argonauts on October 5.




Football Tryouts           August 19 – 21, 4:30 – 6:00 @ West End Middle

Open House                August 20, 6pm to 7:30pm

Fall Picture Day            September 3






Public Notice/Accessibility Statement


  To request an accommodation please contact your building principal or department head.  (Interpreters for the deaf or hard of hearing must be requested seventy-two [72] hours prior to the event.)    Jon T. Hubble, Principal  271-3220







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